Snorkel Gear

Masks, Snorkels and fins

Our products are made long lasting enjoyment.

Rash Gurads

Adult Wetsuits

Adult wetsuits for every occasion. Fullsuits or shortys "spring suits". One piece suits or 2 piece farmer john. 

Rash Guards

Sun yourself from the sun. UPF protection of the Rash Guard doesn't wash off..

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Scuba Gear

Scuba gear

Yep, we'll even help you underwater. Get our rash guard shirts loose fit or rash guard fashion for that surf dive and ski fun.

Boots Gloves hoods

Protect your hands and feet. The sand or deck is hot protect your feet. Protect your hands from cold and scrapes.

Snorkeling and scuba diving products including youth rash guards fashion 

seen at scuba dive shops. Used for surf dive and ski

Youth wetsuits

Wetsuit, youth fullsuit, Black and lime  3mm nylon II neoprene Flat stitched Smooth skin on front panel With arm and legs seals. Designed for warmth and it also adds bouyancy.